Sheri Pym should be disbarred and brought up on charges of gross negligence

The greatest victory that the anti-freedom, anti-american terrorists won on September 11th, 2001 wasn’t the horrible death of almost 3,000 innocent victims. It was handing the keys to destroy the liberties of all Americans to our own government.

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Fun with HDTV Antennas

My cable internet provider recently switched to all digital channels so that they could encrypt local broadcasts. This put me in a bit of a bind since all my TVs were using built-in QAM tuners to get local stations. I needed to supply signals to three TVs and two HDTV capture cards on my HTPC.

My options were, pay $3/month/tv to the cable company for digital boxes to get “free” OTA (over the air) broadcasts or pay $70 for a high-end HDTV antenna plus an amplifier and splitter or amplified splitter and rewire my house to hook the antenna up to all my TVs while still allowing my cable internet to get to my cable modem.

Neither option seemed appealing to me.

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Congress for sale

Congress sells bills to lobbyists

It seems that the US Senators and Representatives aren’t even trying to hide their shameful solicitation of briberylobbying” anymore. The foreign lobbyist entrance is in back…

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Multiple App Accounts Using BlueStacks

When you use apps on a device such as an iPhone or Android phone, you may run into a situation where you want to have multiple accounts for the same app. Unfortunately, this can be very hard to do. It usually requires you to uninstall the app and re-install it to switch accounts. Usually these apps don’t have a PC version, which makes it even harder to manage multiple accounts. The people at BlueStacks have written an Android emulator to allow running apps on a PC (they have a MAC version, but it doesn’t support the version of Android required to run most apps), so you will need Windows. Read more ›

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Automatic Paging with Knockout data-bindings

I’ve been a heavy user of Knockout JS and MVVM with JavaScript for over a year and I’ve found most designs can be achieved with the basic data-bindings. There are two scenarios that I have found which require specialized bindings. The first is a select box with numerous options. The second is a long list of data that doesn’t fit on a single screen. Read more ›

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Fun with knockout.js

A while ago I started looking into knockout.js for an internal MVC website that I’m working on. Originally I was trying to solve the problem of a very large DOM that only displays a fraction of itself at any time. Knockout handles this very nicely with it’s if binding. The more I used knockout, however, the more I fell in love with the MVVM pattern. In fact, if xaml bindings were as easy as knockout bindings, I wouldn’t be so hesitant to jump into WPF programming!
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Image Processing Part 2

In Image Processing Part 1 I talked about methods for manipulation image data. If you tried out the code then you might have noticed it ran really slow.

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Image Processing Part 1

This is, hopefully, the first in a series of posts using this codebase. The topics will be varied, but hopefully the codebase will tie them together…

Can you tell what is different between this image:

Origional Redbud image

and this one:

Modified Redbud Image

Aside from the obvious visual differences, there is an important, hidden difference. You can click-through and grab the original versions and try to figure it out.

The answer is below…

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My first rant…

A friend sent me a page about elm. It bemoans the idea of “Callback Hell” and purports to resolve the situation with a completely new language for web scripting… It didn’t take me long to feel the urge to violently disagree with the premise of the page. The author compares callbacks to “goto” statements.
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